FS-Pro Information
Speedo Fastskin FS-Pro WHAT MAKES A SUIT FAST:
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Biomechanics
  • Physiology
  • Physics
  • Psychology
FSPRO PROJECT GOALS-Building on the FSII and Fastskin Technology
  • Create a new light fiber and fabric that met the following Speedo technical requirements:
    • Highest gauge (finest) fiber you could create while still maintaining the same power stretch and recover as the Fastskin fabric
    • A fiber that minimizes water absorption
    • Create fabric that can utilize this fiber in a fabric that provides the compression, shape retention
    • Treat the fabric to make it more water repellant and non-absorbent as well as very quick-drying-with great durability
    • Maximize drag reduction at the fabric/surface drag level
  • Utilize the compression and power of the fabric to create better compression and core stability suited to swimmers’ physiological and biomechanical needs
  • Continue to improve Speedo garment engineering and CFD research to continue to improve fit and seeming for better movement and drag reduction
  • Combining all of these elements; create a new suit that combines the best features of the FSII and Fastskin in a suit that feels light and free.
  • Computer/laser body scanned an additional 600 international elite swimmers in 2006 to analyze size and body types for suit engineering. New scanning technology helped Speedo further refine their swimmer database and fit model
  • After determining that the fiber and fabric we were looking for did not exist, we worked with leading fabric suppliers around the world to finally find a source that could manufacture the fiber and fabric to our specifications
  • Flat plate wind tunnel testing confirmed the drag reducing characteristics of the fabric
  • Using scanning data, CFD research, biomechanical input from leading coaches and biomechanists we reconfigured the seaming and construction to create an even better fit in the FS Pro
  • Conducted flume testing on suit using the Speedo elite swimmer body models used in FSII testing to determine overall passive drag
  • Began suit testing in the pool with top athletes to fine tune fit, sizing, compression and freedom of movement
  • FS-PRO fabric provided the same compression and shape retention as Fastskin in a much lighter finer fabric
  • FS-PRO absorbs less water than any suit on the market
  • FS-PRO drag is less than any other woven light fabric on the market
  • Very fine micro fiber in a high density weave-22 Decitex fiber
  • Fiber limits water absorption
  • Tight high density woven fabric repels water and limits absorption
  • Fiber and fabric combine to create a power stretch providing compression-15% better than any existing light-weight woven suit
  • Better design and positioning of seams to maximize flow and motion
  • Better design of zipper pull-locks flat and has hydrodynamic shape-paying attention to the smallest of details
  • High density weave further reduces surface drag
  • Although water absorption does not increase the specific gravity of the suit in water, it does reduce weight during the recovery phrase of the stroke
The research shows that the full body suit is the fastest silhouette, with the more coverage in general faster than less coverage. If the suit is not designed to be comfortable for the athlete and suitable to the motion of the stroke, the swimmer cannot wear the body suit. The hydrodynamic drag reduction is useless if the swimmer cannot wear the suit. The Biomechanics and garment engineering of the suit are a critical component to the overall suit performance
  • Although water absorption does not increase the specific gravity of the suit in water, it does reduce weight during the recovery phase of the stroke
  • Lighter fabric can provide more freedom of motion
  • Suit engineering created improved fit to increase compression and core stability in key body locations without limiting freedom of motion
  • Compression fabric provides compression effect to minimize muscle vibration and returns muscles to original shape to reduce energy dissipation
  • Although water absorption does not increase the specific gravity of the suit in water, it does reduce weight during the recovery phase of the stroke
The swimmer has to believe in the suit
  • Credibility of knowing that the top coaches and swimmers in the world were part of the research and development of the suit
  • Many years of leading the swimming world in innovation
  • Great look of the suit-swimmers need to also believe they look good
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